What doesn't kill me, makes them stronger.

Sisters… — July 21, 2016



Girls are evil and sent straight from the devil himself….I will have 10 boys before I have another girl. My son who is 18 was and still is a dream to deal with compared to my two daughters. Katelyn who will be 16 in two weeks and Makayla fight from the time they get up to the time they go to bed. Literally. Day. And. Night. It’s both stressful and completely entertaining at the same time.

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Sisterly Love

I don’t do a damn thing to stop them.


I think it’s important not only for girls in general, but for siblings especially sisters to be able to resolve an issue without having to run to mommy or daddy to fix it. It’s a great life lesson. Also….unless someone is bleeding or on fire I don’t care!(Seriously, not going to yell at one because the other one said that her eyebrows are crooked)

Besides….if I did I wouldn’t be able to hear things like “I’m sorry I said your hair looks stupid” ¬†followed by “It’s okay, and I’m sorry I said I hope you die”. Who needs television with that kind of comedy??

My daughters in 20 year….


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