Anyone who knows me knows I have a long list of pet peeves, a very long list. My most recent one to add is this awful new trend of what I refer to as socks and shower shoes. It apparently very trendy and cool to wear ankle shoes and name brand flip flop. HAS to be name brand, according to the thirteen year old. Otherwise…it “looks stupid.”

News flash child



I recently took the girls shopping, both girls disgraced their mother by partaking in this God awful trend. I didn’t notice until it was too late, otherwise I would have turned around and went home. if I could trust them with my bank card I would have just dropped them off but who are we kidding, with fashion choices like those who knows what they would come up with…

Seriously….I was embarrassed to be seen with them. I walked ten paces ahead and pretended I didn’t know them. I’m scarred for life…had nightmares, lost sleep. It was terrible. No one, especially your own mother should be subjected to such horror…