My youngest Makayla, has just turned thirteen, I am officially a mom of three teenagers…oy…how did that happen?!? She turned thirteen…and then disappeared. Who once was attached to my hip, following me on every shopping trip, volunteering to do chores and still crawling into my bed in the middle of the night has now left me behind for her friends and her iPod. 

Part of me is happy, both for her and for me,yet another part of me is sad that the last one in the nest no longer wants to hang out with her mother. I’ve gone from being parent to consultant. Quite honestly if it weren’t for text I probably wouldn’t hear from her for days. It was hard watching the other two slip away into adolescence, but it seems to be especially hard with this one because I know I’ll never have those moments again….on the other hand…mama has a life now too!

Gone are the days of having to get up when they get up. Gone are the days of worrying about entertaining them. NO MORE TREEHOUSE OR DORA THE EXPLORER!!( Or that retched Caillou! ) No more being a short order cook and cutting off the crusts, making sure the jam covers alllll of the peanut butter, putting the mustard on first and ketchup on last, NOT serving it on the blue plate, only the red or sometimes pink one. As much as I miss my children being little, I can tell you I don’t miss being a slave to three ungrateful little people!


Makayla and I circa 2012